It’s not just singular gestures that help uplift a community, but meaningful, ongoing investment.

Sozo strives to be a true advocate that invests time, talent, and capital to support and positively impact our local communities.

We are committed to recognizing and addressing community needs, being an active voice, and taking action.

Our Pillars of Community Engagement

Cannabis Justice

Sozo engages in ongoing work to address expungement reform, clemency, ending incarceration for cannabis-related crimes, and other forms of inequality.

Educational Access

Sozo collaborates with communities and conventional academic institutions to support workforce development programs and empower people through education.

Food Security

Sozo partners with regional and local organizations that improve access to healthy food and whose programs emphasize education and self-reliance.

Housing Security

Sozo supports organizations providing emergency shelter, as well as long-term solutions for homelessness.

Small Business Investment

Sozo invests in Chambers of Commerce and assists small businesses to help build strong and successful local economies.