Sozo operates a world-class cultivation facility utilizing the latest methods, tools, and technologies, inspiring innovation, and maximizing sustainability.


Throughout our cultivation process, we prioritize each drip of our irrigation lines, the quality of each root system, and the careful harmony of temperature, humidity, air flow and nutrients for each of our 40+ meticulously-sourced cultivars.

Plants grown with care are simply better – and that’s a difference customers experience when they enjoy our cannabinoid-rich flower.


Sozo’s tiered rolling rack system maximizes the output of our 84,000 square foot facility.

3,000 Full-spectrum LED lights mimic sunlight, use less power, and generate less heat, resulting in more efficient operations and benefiting the health and value of up to 30,000 individual plants.


Three research and development rooms are designated for breeding proprietary genetics and making optimal selections from thousands of cultivars.


Sozo has worked closely with the Michigan Department of Agriculture to inform best-practices, received the industry’s first COVID compliance ambassador certification from Michigan’s OSHA, and has been identified by DTE for sustainability excellence.

Prior to launching Sozo, our cultivation team won numerous cannabis accolades and consulted for grow operations throughout the country.

With deep commercial cannabis cultivation experience since the beginning of legalization, our operations are efficient, well-staffed, and productive.

Sozo cultivation supplies quality flower to our own processing facility, in addition to a growing wholesale and retail network throughout Michigan.