Led by scientists, technicians, and lab support, Sozo processes premium cannabis extracts and concentrates of the highest quality.


Processing takes place in a customized, immaculately maintained 2,500 square foot space on the same flagship campus as cultivation operations.

We utilize solventless processing, reserved for flower of the highest caliber, and employ methods such as cold storage to preserve the plant’s delicate trichome heads, resin glands, and terpene profile.


This results in the most flavorful and potent products, produced in equally enjoyable, unique batches with consistently high total cannabinoids and terpenoids. Onsite hydrocarbon extraction is coming soon.

Sozo’s director of processing has 10 years in industrial manufacturing, process improvement and product development in highly-regulated industries including aerospace, automotive, and oil and gas.

Our lab manager has more than seven years in cannabis processing, from California to Pennsylvania, and is highly skilled in hydrocarbon extraction and all post-processing methodologies.